Paris, France, 25th February 2018 – Step Pharma, a company focused on the development new oral treatments of a range of autoimmune diseases today announced the establishment of a Scientific Advisory Board to help guide the development of the company’s products.

“Step Pharma is dedicated to bringing clinical demonstration of CTPS1 inhibitors’ value for patients in range of diseases, starting with auto-immune disorders,”said Tim Bourne, CSO of Step Pharma. “We have assembled world experts in immunology and translational medicine to guide the company’s efforts. We look forward to many contributions from this distinguished group.”

Members of the Step Pharma Scientific Advisory Board include:

  • Christophe Benoist, M.D., PhD., Professor of Immunohematology at Harvard Medical School,
  • Alain Fischer, M.D., PhD, Professor at The College de France, scientific founder of Step Pharma,
  • Iain McInnes, M.D., PhD, Head of Division of Immunology, Infection and Inflammation in the Faculty of Medicine based in Glasgow (UK) Royal Infirmary, Professor of Rheumatology,
  • Tim Wright, M.D., PhD, Chief Research and Development Officer of Regulus Therapeutics Inc.


About Step Pharma

Step Pharma is focused on the development of a novel class of oral nucleotide synthesis inhibitors targeting CTPS1 for the improved treatment of a range of autoimmune diseases. The company has identified several series of CTPS1 inhibitors, with the most advanced series currently undergoing lead optimization.

Step Pharma was founded in June 2014 by Kurma Partners, the Imagine Institute, and Sygnature Discovery based on the scientific discoveries of Dr Sylvain Latour’s laboratory and Prof. Alain Fischer (UMR1163 Inserm unit). Step Pharma is based in Paris, France. More information on the company can be found at