Sylvain Latour

Since 2008, Sylvain Latour has been the head of the INSERM Laboratory of Lymphocyte activation and susceptibility to Epstein Barr virus (EBV) located at the Imagine Institute in Paris. He is an acknowledged expert on primary human immunodeficiencies associated with susceptibility to EBV infection and defects in T cell-mediated immunity. His team identified the immunodeficiencies caused by mutations in CTPS1 (Martin et al., Nature 2014) and CD70 (Izawa, J. Exp. Med., 2017). He has been awarded le Prix Jaffé from the French Academy of Sciences and recognized by the French Society of Immunology.
Sylvain’s team remain actively engaged with Step Pharma to increase our understanding of the biology of CTPS1 deficiency.

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