Director, Serial entrepreneur, Venture Partner with Kurma Partners

Louis J. Nisbet DSc PhD is a Venture Partner with Kurma Life Sciences Partners. An experienced health industry professional, Dr Nisbet operated at senior levels in R&D with Roche, Glaxo and SmithKline before becoming a serial entrepreneur with Xenova, Brax and InTouch with Health. He has been an active venture capital investor with Kurma, Sitka Partners and Noble Group. Dr Nisbet has considerable executive and non-executive Board experience with quoted and unquoted companies and has lead new issues and secondary fund-raisings in public and private businesses. He was the first recipient of the Ernst & Young European Biotechnology Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Dr Nisbet originally trained as a biochemist and has a DSc from the University of Strathclyde and a PhD from Imperial College London.