Step Pharma is a spin-off of Imagine Institute stemming from Pr. Alain Fischer’s research on genetic immunodeficiencies. Step Pharma is a joint venture between Imagine, a research and innovative healthcare institute, Sygnature Discovery, a leading provider of integrated drug discovery resource and expertise, and Kurma Partners, a major player in the funding of healthcare and biotechnology in Europe.

Christophe Benoist

M.D., PhD., Professor of Immunohematology at Harvard Medical School.

Alain Fischer

M.D., PhD, Professor at The College de France, scientific founder of Step Pharma.

Iain McInnes

M.D., PhD, Head of Division of Immunology, Infection and Inflammation in the Faculty of Medicine based in Glasgow (UK) Royal Infirmary, Professor of Rheumatology.

Tim Wright

M.D., PhD, Chief Research and Development Officer of Regulus Therapeutics Inc.

Step Pharma is backed by a strong syndicate of investors and has raised €17 million in equity financing since its creation.

The Company’s main shareholders are:

Step Pharma is a biotechnology company engaged in the development of novel immunomodulatory drugs to treat severe inflammatory diseases.

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